Curso de BGP (MTCINE)

Si te apuntas a este curso vas a dominar el manejo y configuración del protocolo que se utiliza entre los operadores de todo el mundo. BGP es el único protocolo capaz de soportar todo internet.

Course prerequisites – MTCNA and MTCRE certificates


Módulo 1: BGP

· What is Autonomous System

· What is BGP?

· Path Vector algorithm

· BGP Transport and packet types

· iBGP and eBGP + LAB

· Stub network scenarios and private AS removal + LAB

· Non-stub scenarios + LAB

· iBGP and eBGP multihop and loopback usage + LAB

· Route distribution and routing filters +LAB

· BGP best path selection algorithm

· BGP prefix attributes and their usage + LAB

· BGP route reflectors and confederations + LAB


Módulo 2: MPLS

· What is MPLS (basics)

· Static Label Mapping + LAB

· Label Distribution (LDP) + LAB

· What is Penultimate-hop-popping

· MPLS traceroute differences

· LDP based VPLS tunnels + LAB

· What is Bridge Split Horizon + LAB

· VPLS Control Word (CW) usage

· L2MTU importance and MPLS fragmentation

· BGP based VPLS + LAB

· VRF and route leaking + LAB

· L3VPN (BGP based Layer3 tunnels) + LAB

· OSPF as CE-PE protocol


Módulo 3: Traffic engineering

· What is traffic engineering and how it works

· RSVP, Static path, dynamic path (CSPF) + LAB

· Bandwidth allocation and bandwidth limitation differences

and settings + LAB


Examen MTCINE (MikroTik Certified Network Associate )

Laboratorio Final de Certificación